Profile of a Bookworm

Top 5 book categories that keep my boat afloat:

  1. Children’s Picture Books
    • Sometimes, the best stories are told in the least number of words.
    • Also, let’s give it up for illustrators.
  2. Young Adult Fiction/Realistic Fiction
    • No one is ever too old for stories about powerful youth.
  3. Cookbooks (the kind with lots of pictures)
    • Always inspiring; whether that inspiration comes in the form of dinner ideas or sudden, maddennig hunger, either way it’s always a good time (provided you’ve got a snack handy).
  4. King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion
    • Worthy of a category all it’s own, the cookbook is the Joy of Cooking for the 21st century. King Arthur Flour bestows readers with the hows and whys of baking and offers hundreds of pages stocked with knowledge you wouldn’t want to enter a kitchen without.
  5. Books with captivating story-lines and characters that replace your reality.
    • I’ll take a can’t-get-out-of-the-chair good reads no matter what form they come in (and I’ve certainly been surprised by their packages in the past).

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