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Boy Meets Boy — David Levithan

Genre: Audiobook

My first taste of David Levithan’s writing was when I got my hands on Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (before the movie). The day I took it out at the library, I was headed to a close friend’s family party. For the first time ever, I read in the car as she drove us the half hour to the party (I typically get motion sickness, but since it was night time I powered through). I did not win points with her at all that car ride, and even less so when I tried to take the book into the party with me. I couldn’t put it down or let it out of my sight!

I’ve got a list of desired reads by Levithan: You Know Me Well, and Are We There Yet? to name a few. One day, I’ll also finish Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I tried to read all of John Green’s books in a row, forgetting how hard of a time I have with reading the same author one after another. In fact, Boy Meets Boy has been on my To-Read list for a number of years now (remember how I’m not usually up to date on the classics? This is one of those times).

Boy Meets Boy is the story of a young man, Paul, in an eclectic and nearly fantastically open and affirming high school who meets the boy of his dreams in that way that we all do– quickly, messily, and over before you even know it happened. It’s love at first sight, if that even exists. Paul must navigate high school drama as friends and ex-lovers cross paths and create relationships in unforeseen ways, all while finding (and keeping) the boy of his dreams. It deals with the sticky situations that is adolescents while being outrageous and perfectly true all at the same time.

Typically, I love audiobooks, especially when different characters’ perspectives are voiced by different actors. This time, I found that the full cast was a bit much to listen to as each character was cast as a different reader who performed every line of dialogue. It was too much since there wasn’t enough time to get used to the sound of someone’s voice to be able to tell it apart from a different character.

If I had read the book myself, I would have been sucked into the high school scene, right back into the drama of balancing various frienships and relationships. Everyone has been a Paul– trying to do the right thing when the right thing just keeps getting you into a mess, having to fight for friends and friendships when it seems fate is against you. High school is tough, and this high school was one of the most accepting of them all!

Though I wish that I had read and not listened to this book, I’m glad to have it officially in my “Read” column, and that I can now fully advocate for its place on library shelves as the classic of high school LGBT representation. If Mean Girls is the iconic movie of high school drama, this is its print counterpart.

Levithan, D. (2004). Boy meets boy. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf.


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