OMG Shakespeare: An infomercial for the bookish

Ever heard of OMG Shakespeare? It’s a set of retellings of some of Shakespeare’s classic plays, but with a modern twist! Check out the infomercial-type review below for more information.



Actually want to take that fabulous quiz? Check it out!



What was it like creating a book infomercial?

This project ended up being one of the more creative projects I’ve completed. I’m not terribly artsy and always worry about having to come up with a high-quality presentation. I tend to fall back on powerpoint because I know it well and it looks fine, and I can fit all the words my heart desires on all the slides! Though, admittedly, I’m sure it’s not as fun to view.

I got very nervous after realizing that this project had to have a self-created audio-visual portion that is almost as crippling for me as I imagine Kryptonite is for Superman. Like many others, I have a strong aversion to having to hear my own voice recorded so I didn’t want anything that I was going to have to piece together and listen to a number of times.

My original idea of making a poster started to seem unreasonable, and I went to work on good old powerpoint, only to realize that my idea that I gleaned from watching other book trailers was not going to meet my desire for high quality. Then, I fell on easel.ly and ideas flowed from there. I repurposed one of their templates to create an infographic style quiz to showcase three works in a set of retellings of Shakespeare’s great plays. Which, by the way, come highly recommended from yours truly, and coming soon to a blog post near you (here, on this blog, stay tuned).

I was off and running and my mind was spinning all day and all night about how I was going to take this great poster idea and now tack on a voice over. My goal was to have a product that could potentially be showcased in libraries (the quiz poster), but I needed to explain and review the books, too.

I thought it would be fun(ny) to create an infomercial type add for my infographic, followed by a review segment. Additionally, I finally got a chance to try out Prezi and I’m entirely surprised I hadn’t been converted earlier. I always thought it was more complicated than it really is. My new confidence in my creative skills, I think, will serve me well going forward. Who knows, give me a few more years and challenges, and I might tell you that I consider myself an artsy person!


Some links that helped me along the way were:

Book Trailers for Readers : This site is full of book trailers created by people like you and me, and it honestly felt that way. As I began my journey in trying to model one of these, I felt that viewers would be taken aback at how outdated it would look.

Easel.ly : I’ve always wondered how people started their own infographics, and this site made it SO easy! Their templates and examples were incredibly inspiring.

Emojiisland : All Emojis used in the infographic were downloaded from this website.

Screencastify : My (first!) screencast was brought to you by this amazing Google Chrome plugin which links to your Gmail and allows screencasts to be saved in Google Drive and then easily uploads them to your YouTube account (that you didn’t know you had!). It was an amazing tool, and I highly recommend it to Screencast newcomers.

For the most part, though, this idea really came as an original and seems to be quite unique as I had a hard time finding specific models for inspiration. Hopefully, its uniqueness is in a good way.




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