Reading Log

Srsly Hamlet — William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone

Genre: Poetry/Verse

William Shakespeare’s classic tragedies have been rewritten in texts, notes, emails, and social media posts. The story of Hamlet seeking revenge for his murdered father’s death is documented in texts between main characters, using numerous emojis. Major monologs  and exchanges have been translated to read in more modern English.

Having read (or really dissected) this title in my Honors English class as a senior in high school, all of the passages were familiar to me, and I found them, at times, laugh out loud funny because of the use of emojis and modern insults. It was an entirely enjoyable read, and I would suggest them to anyone who has read Shakespeare and is interested in a laugh or a brush up (or both), or someone who wants a gist of the classics without having to read/translate the original, or for students currently working on the reading the works who need a background to work from as they struggle through the old English. In fact, you can hear all about how I feel about this and its partner titles in my Multimedia Book Trailer/Review of the series, OMG Shakespeare.

For now, the only books in the series available at my library are titles that I’ve already read in their original forms, but I look forward to being able to read titles I haven’t read to get an idea of what those titles were about. I’m particularly interested in Macbeth if/when that one becomes available.


Shakespeare, W., & Carbone, C. (2015). Srsly Hamlet. New York, NY: Random House.


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