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Design Squad Global– A Website

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PBS Kids presents children and youth a platform for gaining ideas about Maker projects. You can browse all of their activities, ranked from easy to hard, or use the “Stuff Spinner” to find projects specific to the materials you have on hand. They’ve also got a design area where kids can submit their own design ideas  or participate in global challenges. There are also games kids can play that challenge them to think critically in a fun and engaging way without the need to make a mess!

For children and youth, this is a great place to find information about how to make things and begin to experiment with the maker movement. For educators, parents, and librarians, it’s a space to gain ideas and piggy-back on the challenges set forth by PBS. The best thing about the site and its challenges/ideas is that they are all free to access and use! Unlike the LEGO challenge which requires the purchase of specific materials and kits, this PBS site is catered to makers in their own homes with everyday materials. This is extra good news to librarians who don’t always have the resources (aka money) to buy special materials.

This site was an awesome find for me as I begin the journey of creating a maker space. I’ve been collecting any and all resources for cool maker projects that use household items that the library likely has on hand or can potentially be donated or purchased in bulk for a low cost.  I am excited to add this one to my portfolio!


PBS Kids. (2016). Design Squad Global [Website]. Retrieved from:


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