Reading Log

Hyperbole and a Half — Allie Brosh

Genre: Non-Fiction

Hyperbole book cover

Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half was based on blog posts of her extremely popular autobiographical comic blog of the same name. When I happened upon a blog post a few years ago, I read it almost in a single night, laughing til I cried and wishing I had someone to share it with. At the time, I was living in an apartment on campus at my undergraduate institution, and so I began planting images and blog posts on my roommates’ facebook walls, texts, and even running into their rooms to share the hilarity. It was infectious. I hadn’t enjoyed a blog this much since I’d found Books of Adam  run by Adam Ellis, now of Buzzfeed, whose post Poor Stupid Cat changed my life.

Allie Brosh chronicles her life in cartoon blog posts with some of the best imagery. She purposefully styles her drawings as rough and rudimentary/juvenile and it works so well for her. I think they allow you to immerse yourself and see yourself reflected in her comics. Regardless, they are downright hilarious.

Allie has come out, through her blog, that she struggles with depression and these comics provided a relief for her when she was creating and posting them. Her posts about her depression are at once heart-breaking and hilarious as only someone with the comedic genius as Allie has can do.

This book was on Read Brightly’s 8 Wise and Witty Graphic Novels Every Teen Should Read, and I could not agree more with the sentiment. This is the only book that I’ve read for this log that I owned before I logged it. (I ended up buying Made You Up for a postal book club I organized so that I could share it with people). I snagged it when it was donated to our Friends of the Library because I had to own it, and I have read it a few times in addition to the countless times I’ve read her blog posts.


Brosh, A. (2013). Hyperbole and a Half. New York: Simon & Schuster.


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